Southampton Ghost Walks Experience

The Southampton Ghost Walk Experience


Get ready to scream Southampton with the Southampton Ghost Walk Experience! An interactive theatrical tour of the city.


Right from the start you will be gripped by many ghostly stories from Southampton's eerie past. The walks include live actors who take on the part of Southampton's most notorious ghosts!


You will discover the ghosts of historic buildings including The Bargate, The Merchants Hall, West Gate, Tudor House and many more! Our Ghost Walks are unique because we have experienced some of the ghosts for ourselves!


Your guide, Andrew Frewing-House (who plays the part of Sir John Dawtrey) has investigated many of Southampton's haunted buildings including all those listed above. He lead the first investigations at all of the venues. Many of his accounts feature in the book Haunted Southampton, where he also featured in an interview.


Our Ghost Walks are entertaining, thrilling and educational and most of will include a few scares along the way!


We can run both private and corporate events and they are suitable for all audiences.


We can also provide non theatrical ghost walks too!


The Southampton Ghost Walk Experience is a joint venture between Supernatural Tours and See Southampton ( Our public ghost walk include access to three of the city's historic vaults.


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