Portsmouth Ghost Walk Experience

The Portsmouth Ghost Walk Experience


Experience a ghost tour like no other with the Portsmouth Ghost Walk Experience


See Portsmouth in a different light with our theatrical, interactive and entertaining tours. You will discover the ghosts of Old Portsmouth in venues including The Dolphin, Buckingham House, Felton House and many more.


Our tour guides will take your around the area sharing the many ghost stories with you including The Duke of Buckingham and his murderer John Felton and the press gangs. Our tour is unique because our tour guides have investigated many of the properties featured in the walk.


The walks also feature live actors fueled with many scary encounters! If you love a true theatrical event with thrills, laughs and scares then this is for you!


Each walk lasts approximately 90 minutes and they are suitable for all ages. We can also provide corporate and private ghost walks as well as non theatrical tours too!


For more information check out www.portsmouthghostwalks.co.uk




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