Philip Frewing-House-  Team Leader and Company  Secretary

Philip is one of our Event Team Leaders and the Company Secretary. Philip joined the Supernatural Tours and Events team back in 2009. Philips first investigation was at Portsmouth’s Wymering Manor and admits that he was a little scared before taking part.

Since then, Philip has taken part in investigations across the UK in places such as The Dolphin Inn, Rye Castle, Fort Widley, Fort Horsted, Fort Amhurst, Creaky Cauldron, Yesterday's World and many more. He also spent over a year living at Portsmouth’s Wymering Manor and during his time there he experienced some unusual phenomena.

Philip has also appeared in articles for The Portsmouth News. He has just recently been interviewed for one of Hampshire's local radio stations called  Express FM and BBC Solent in 2014

Philip is also a member of the UKPRS team which carries out private research investigations which was formed in 2006.

He has also started to design our websites alongside James Kemp and auditing the website with Janis, He has designed our latest posters and pop up banners for Supernatural Tours and Events.

My favourite location is Old Gosport Discovery Centre this is due to when carrying out table tipping in one of the downstairs room with my team I was sitting out of the table tipping looking out through the door and saw someone as clear as day walk past the window, when I got up straight away thinking someone was walking around on their own when I got to the area no one was there.


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