Martin Carter - Team Leader

Martin has had an interest in ghosts and the paranormal for as long as he can remember, reading ghost stories by authors such as Dennis Wheatley and Edgar Allen Poe and watching old horror movies and shows like Hammer House of Horror.


He did his first ghost hunt a few years ago at The Manor and has been hooked ever since, joining the Supernatural Tours team in 2011 and has become a team leader.

Martin enjoys new locations and loves finding out the history of the buildings once we have completed investigations.


He considers himself a sceptic and always tries to take a scientific point of view first when on events.


Martin has taken part in investigations across the UK in places such as Dorset County Museum, Rye Castle, Fort Widley, Fort Horsted, Fort Amhurst, Arundel Jail House, Yesterday's World, Fort Languard, Priest House and many more.


He is also a member of the UKPRS team which carries out private research investigations which was formed in 2006.


Martin is now working very closely with Andrew Frewing- House on ghost hunts to become experienced team leader and gain knowledge of the paranormal.


My favourite location is Yesterday's World due to the buliding very unique and atmospheric. When I first attend the location we set up a laser grid on one of the walls with a video camera forcus on the laser grid, when watching this back we can see the laser grid been adjusted even thou no one was in room.



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