Janis Carter- Customer Service and Team Leader


From a young age Janis has been interested in the paranormal and spirituality and is keen to eliminate natural causes of psychic happenings before saying it is paranormal.


Janis went on a few ghost hunts and a psychic weekend with Supernatural Tours to gain knowledge in the paranormal phenomena. She joined Supernatural Tours in 2011 after becoming one of our most regular customers on our events. We saw great passion, potential and enthusiasm, she is now part of our customer service team and is an assistant team leader.


The Manor holds fond memories for Janis but she has yet to find her favourite location.


Janis has taken part in investigations across the UK in places such as Dorset County Museum, Rye Castle, Fort Widley, Fort Horsted, Fort Amhurst, Arundel Jail House, Yesterday's World and many more.


Janis is also a member of the UKPRS team which carries out private research invesgations which was formed in 2006.


Janis is now wanting to learn how to use Angel Cards and Tarot Cards to widen her knowledge even further.


My favourite location is Brighton Police Cells as I have experienced in the old book room in the basement when I was doing a seance that someone very tall and dark was standing over the top of me making me feel like my hair was being stroked. I have been to many places now and not experienced anything like this.


Crystals are her favourite piece of equipment.


Contact janis@supernaturaltours.co.uk


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