James Kemp- Marketing Director

James is one of the Mediums in Supernatural Tours and Events and joined the team in 2006. He is also a Director along with Andrew Frewing-House.

James found out he was a medium at a young age when he realised that he could see spirits around him.

In 2005 he decided it was time to explore more about his mediumship and joined a local development group. He quickly developed and moved in to ghost hunting and mediumship demos.

He has carried out ghost hunts across the UK and USA in places such as Buckingham House, York Castle, Woodchester Mansion, Old Jail at St Augustine Florida, Bodmin Jail, Yesterday's World, Spitbank Fort, Valentines Mansion, Fort Nelson, and many more.

In 2006 he founded UKPRS with Andrew Frewing- House and joined the team as a Medium. His work in the field has lead him to appearances on radio stations such as BBC Solent, Express FM, Skyline 102.5FM, Spire FM and radio stations in America.

James has also appeared in articles for the Portsmouth news, Southern Daily Echo, Daily Echo Tv magazine and more. His latest feature was in the Hampshire Chronicle in 2014 alongside Andrew Frewing- House and Martin Carter.

From 2008 to 2010 he lived at Portsmouth's Wymering Manor which has become known world wide as one of the UKs most haunted manors.

James also worked as a medium for charities including Make-A-Wish foundation and Diabetes UK.  He worked with people including David Wells, Richard Felix, Phil Whyman, Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe.

As well as mediumship James has studied parapsychology to be able to look at ghost hunting from both sides.

James has also worked as a medium on stage and has worked on our Ghost Hunts, Psychic Fairs and 'Come Dine With Mediums' events.

My favourite location is Fort Widley  Portsmouth due to mistaking a ghost for a customer the spirit was so clear to me I thought it was living person. I also like the fort due to the many areas that you can investigate. However I do have many other favourite places with many stories to tell.

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