Andrew Frewing-House- Events Director

Andrew Frewing-House has built up an incredible reputation in the paranormal over the past few years. He brings a wealth of valued knowledge and experience of the paranormal, event management and media work.

Andrew has always had a keen interest in the paranormal and started investigating at the tender age of 12 years old! By the time he was 16 he had started his first research group. In 2003 his work had lead him to places across the UK.

In 2006 he created UKPRS with James Kemp. The success of UKPRS allowed them to create Supernatural Tours and Events. Andrew has studied Parapsychology and Meduimship.

Andrew has has lead investigations in places including Rye Castle, The Jamaica Inn, Fort Widley, Woodchester Mansion and Andrew spent two years living at and investigating the UK's most haunted house, Wymering Manor.

Andrew extensive work in the paranormal has lead to plenty of media work. His first appearance on radio was in 2003 when Andrew appeared on BBC Radio Solent as the Paranormal Expert. He has returned to the station regularly since.

In 2004 he made regular appearances alongside Donna Alos and John Ellery on South City FM taking part in regular interviews and as part of a recorded broadcast of an investigation in Southampton. The station later became The Saint where Andrew continued to appear regularly.

In 2004 Andrew organised and took part in a live Halloween investigation broadcast on Ocean FM. He appeared throughout the show. In 2007 Andrew appeared regularly on Spire FM and was part of a recorded broadcast for Halloween at Salisbury Guildhall and in the same year he was interviewed with 107.4 Quay Radio and appeared on a live Halloween broadcast for the station as part of the South's Great Ghost Hunt, a joint project with UKPRS and another local company.

Andrew has also appeared regularly on GWR, 103.2 Power FM, Original 106, Express FM, BBC Radio Essex, Southend Radio, Galaxy Radio, Wave 105 and several other stations.

Andrew has also worked as a radio presenter for FM stations including QBR FM, Skyline 102.5FM and he currently presents for Southamptons 103.9 Voice FM. He has presented shows including Drive Time, Breakfast, Mid Morning and specialist shows.

Andrew has also worked for several TV stations. His first appeareance was in 2004 on Southampton TV taking part in interviews on Southampton's most haunted venues.

In 2005 he worked as a paranormal advisor for the first episode of Derek Acorahs Ghost Towns for Living TV. In 2007 he appeared on ITV1 South taking part in a recorded investigation for the regional news and he has also appeared on and worked for Channel 4, RTL, The BBC and The Discovery Channel.

Andrew has also written articles for the BBCi website, Womans Own Magazine, Chat! It's Fate and helped write the book Haunted Southampton (which also included an interview) and Haunted Worthing. He has also appeared regularly in The Portsmouth News, Hampshire Chronicle and The Southern Daily Echo where he has appeared in three major features, his most recent one is 2014 alongside James Kemp and Martin Carter.

Andrew has also worked with David Wells, Colin Fry, Derek Acorah, Richard Felix and many more notable names in the paranormal.

My favourite location has to be Arundel Jail. When it comes to paranormal phenomena I believe the jail house has it all. I remember being there one occasion and several minutes after we arrived we heard a bang in one of the cells. Later that night we were doing a seance and we all heard the fire exit door slam and saw the shadow of someone walking across the back. There was no way that anyone could have got in the building and got out again that quickly.

The jail also has the solitary confinement cell which is a fascinating place to go. One evening a few of us spent some time in there (looking for ghosts of course) and we saw someone walk past the door and the building became freezing cold. Its a place that has so much history and so many ghosts!


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