Supernatural Tours and Events has a profilic profile when it comes to media and we have been a popular choice for well known names including Richard Felix, Colin Fry, David Wells and many more. Our team are considered experts in the supernatural, events specialist and theatrical events fields by many media companies.


Our media profile includes regular appearances on radio stations including BBC Radio Solent and Essex, GWR, 103.9 Voice FM, Original 106, Portsmouths 107.4 The Quay, Power FM, Ocean FM, The Saint, South End Radio and many more. On each occasion our team have appeared ase experts on debate shows, live broadcasts and recorded shows. Our Director Andrew Frewing-House has also worked as a Radio presenter for several FM radio stations.


We also have appeared on TV and worked backstage providing paranormal advice and taking part in interviews for several TV networks including Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel.


In 2006 our Director worked backstage as a paranormal advisor for Living TV's Derek Acorahs Ghost Towns and in 2007 our team appeared on ITV1 South.


We have also featured in and written articles for publications including The Woman Own, Chat! Its Fate, The Portsmouth News, Hampshire Chronicle and we are also featured in the book 'Haunted Southampton'.


We have worked on plenty of succesful media projects and our professional reputation make us the perfect choice for any media project. We have experience in the radio and TV industry and we can work with you using our unique skills and approach.


If you have a project you would like us to work on contact You can find out more about our projects using the links above.

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