Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries

Supernatural Tours and Events provide a range of thrilling Murder Mystery Events. Our murder mysteries are unique because as well as the traditional themes, we have our very own too! Even some based on popular TV shows!


Thats not all! We use live actors who will act out the scene before you work together to try to work out who the killer is using the clues.


We have several formats available depending on the size of the venue and event. Some of the events may also include a dining experience or buffet and event a Disco!


You can also get involved! We even have a format where you can come along and get involved and dress the part! Whatever the format, we have so many themes available with so many endings that you can take part over and over again!


All of our events are interactive and themed include:-


* Way Out West- An American style murder mystery

* Murder at the Throne- love Game of Thrones? This Murder Mystery is a medieval GOT style murder mystery event

* Once Upon a Murder Mystery- Based on the popular TV series, its your job to identify the killer

* Murder on the Dance Floor- A range of themes including 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and more!

* A Parisien Murder- Based on a royal Parisien dance.


These are just a few of the themes we have!


We have previously run successful murder mystery events for venues and companies including:-


The Dolphin Mercure Hotel Southampton

Harbour Hotels

Mercure Wessex Hotel Winchester

Winchester Ladies Circle


and Many more!





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