The Victorian Ghost Hunts

Victorian Ghost Hunts

We'll take your back to a time when Ghost Hunting was a popular hobby across the UK, to a time when people started to search further into their supernatural beliefs! Welcome to the The Victorian Ghost Hunt!


Its fair to say that it is thanks to the Victorians that Ghost Hunting became popular today! They had their own unique ways of contacting the dead and whilst there was much debate about the trickery used, on our Victorian Ghost Hunts, we do it for real using the experiments they did!


You will be able to take part in dowsing experiments and other experiments including the real Victorian Séance! There are no electrical devices used on this ghost hunt experience.!


Experiments include:-


* A full Victorian Seance

* Table Wrapping

* Victorian Mediumship/Psychic Experiments


These events are available at selected venues!


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